Cabbage, mustard

Mix with other greens to balance out the bitter, peppery taste.

Alternative Name

Chinese mustard, gai choy, Indian mustard, kai choy, leaf mustard, mustard greens, swatow mustard greens

Scientific Name

Brassica juncea


Mustard cabbage (gai choy) is a peppery variety that does not form heads like most other cabbages and is a dark yellowish-green colour. Both the stems and leaves are edible. Because it has a stronger flavour than most other brassicas it is often cooked mixed with other greens.

Information for farmers+
No information exists for this vegetable as yet.
Preparation & Storage+
Keep in vegetable drawer of fridge.

Veggy tip

If the flavour of mustard cabbage is too strong for your liking, you can blanch or mix with milder flavoured greens in a stir-fry.