Sprouts, alfalfa

Fine, grass-like sprouts with a nutty taste.

Alternative Name


Scientific Name

Medicago sativa


Alfalfa is one of the most popular sprouts, less commonly known as lucerne—a legume. It is a very fine, short sprout with a pale green stalk and fresh green tip. The sprouts have a fresh crisp taste and are often combined with other sprouts, such as radish and onion.

Information for farmers+

Alfalfa sprouts are usually harvested after 1–2 days when length is 2.5–3.8cm.

Postharvest storage temperature
Sprouts should be cooled immediately and held at 0°C. Vacuum-cooling, hydro-cooling and forced-air cooling are common methods.

Controlled atmosphere storage
No further information available.

Ethylene sensitivity
Sprouts produce little ethylene.

Humidity storage
Sprouts should be stored at 95–100% relative humidity.

Disease & infection
Development of decay, sliminess and musty odours are symptoms of deterioration.

Preparation & Storage+
Keep in vegetable drawer of fridge.
A good source A good source –  1 serve provides 25% of RDI or 4g of fibre A source A source –  1 serve provides 10% of RDI or 2g of fibre

Veggy tip

Alfalfa sprouts have a high water content so are best enjoyed raw. Try throwing them in a smoothie to add extra nutrients.